Revitalize is a custom commercial decor business located in Syracuse, New York.

How do we transform uninviting spaces into wonderful experiences, boring areas to lively, dull details to charming, bah humbug to Festive?

We have the benefit of extensive experience in marketing, commercial architectural planning/design and commercial decor to revitalize any public space, street, business, building front etc. Our experience, along with staying current on buying trends and community development, guide us on the products and services we recommend to our clients. Our experience with redesigning historic buildings to mixed use, transforming retail space for new tenants along with commercial holiday decor and street scape projects give us the insight on how to create physical spaces and public spaces to meet the functional and aesthetic design goals for our clients.

We take the same principles of design that we used in creating commercial business space and apply them to revitalize public spaces. Rather than just selling random decor elements, we go through the process to identify our clients marketing, branding and placemaking goals. From there we’ll make sure to recommend the decor elements, and the individual designs, that have the visual impact to attract new business, enhance the community and complement our client’s marketing goals. We simply listen to our clients and present the décor elements that will truly attract their target audience.

Our clients, whether they’re looking for a simple décor item such as light pole banners or need options and budget information for a multi phased project, benefit by working with a team that will always consider their overall marketing goals when recommending products and design options. We’ll go the extra step to help you identifying your problem spaces, underused features, placemaking goals, community programs and marketing goals to use as a guide for decor selection and future projects.



Tricia O’Connor, President

Toll Free: 877-851-0411

Direct: 315-399-9875

Syracuse, NY