Create a festive atmosphere for your streets, parks, shopping centers, sidewalks etc. by adding Holiday decor to your light poles. If you have outlets on the poles the decor can be illuminated to further enhance the evening visual impact. There are a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from to compliment your existing Holiday Decor. We can always custom design decor to reflect your holiday theme, branding or community.

Light Pole Decor Ideas:
Illuminated silhouettes such as Snowflakes & Stars
Character Designs such as Santa with colored garland fillers & accents
Pole Mounted Wreaths
Garland Pole wraps
Holiday Light Pole Banners
* Most Pole Decor can be modified to mount on to your Building Front for a cohesive look.

Contact us and we can quickly determine what decor options and designs will suit your light poles.


Wreaths and Garland are always a hit for the Holidays as a symbol of the season. They’re versatile enough to be installed on building facades, light poles as pole wraps, overhangs, railings, suspended in entrances etc.

Wreath Options:
Size: 2′ – 10’+ Diameter
Foliage on one or both sides
Un-Lit or Pre-Lit with LED’s
Decorations & Bow available

Garland Options:
Sizing: Typically in 5′ intervals
Variety of colors and density
Un-Lit or Pre-Lit with LED’s
Decorations & Bow available


The iconic Holiday Tree is the center piece of most Commercial Holiday Displays for both interior and exterior spaces. Whether your walking in a village, shopping center, park etc. you’ll be drawn to the Holiday Tree. Our clients may be looking for one tall tree or for several to create a rambling display. Either way, we’ll guide you on the elements that will suit your space and goals to create the perfect Holiday scene for your patrons.

Holiday Tree Options:
Size: 3′- 30’+
Unlit or Pre-Lit with LED’s
Can be ordered with ornaments
Tree Topper options available


Don’t forget your building façade when decorating! Some of your best places to capture attention will be on your facade or roof line. There are beautiful decor options available in a variety of sizes, shapes and illumination options.

Building Facade Decor Options:
Wreaths and Garland
Illuminated words such as “JOY”
Holiday Character Silhouettes
Holiday Banners
Roof Line Perimeter Lighting.


Ground displays often double as a decoration and photo opportunity. Our clients recognize that their customers want to both enjoy and interact with the Holiday Displays. Often selfies and family photos are taken with the display and shared on social media. We always design our displays & locations to make sure everyone can enjoy the Holiday ambiance and have a little fun with the display as well. There are limitless options in designing the displays. We design the displays according to our clients input on possible display locations, marketing programs, target audience, existing decor & features etc.

Some Ground Display Options
Holiday Characters or Themes
Giant Gift Boxes, Ornaments, Stars etc
Animals such as Deer & Polar Bear
Holiday Tree display
OR feature a combination of options


Are you looking for just ornaments, bows, hard to describe item or maybe a custom piece? I’m sure we have it or can design it.


Holiday displays have become an attraction for all to come out and enjoy with friends and family. The festive displays create happy shoppers, diners, travelers and provide fun photo opportunities for everyone’s social media. Enhance your street, building, business, lobby, shopping center by adding Commercial Holiday décor that will welcome in new visitors.